How Snow and Water Damage Go Hand in Hand

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Water Damage Restoration with ServiceMaster Kwik Restore

While it’s pretty, too much snow can have a severe impact on property structures and even bank accounts. One bad snowstorm can be enough to bury your car and make you late for work. Sometimes property owners are snowed in and may not even be able to leave! But once you do dig yourself out, you can’t help but notice … Read More

Removing Fireplace Odors from Your Home

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Fire Damage Restoration by ServiceMaster by Kwik Restore

Who doesn’t like fireplaces? Other than having them cleaned and maintained, there’s nothing like sitting in front of one with a good book and a hot drink. It’s also an efficient way to keep your home warm, especially if the power might be out during a snowstorm. Yet there are downsides to fireplaces. Among them include the strong smoke and … Read More

Water Damage Caused by Broken Water Heaters

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Water Damage Restoration with ServiceMaster Kwik Restore

It is surprisingly common to discover your basement has flooded or experienced serious water damage. In many cases, the source of the problem is a broken water heater. When water heaters break, it is usually due to a leak or a rusted bottom, both of which will cause excess water to fill your basement. A replacement water heater may cost … Read More

How to Reduce Water Damage

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water damage restoration with ServiceMaster by Kwik Restore

After any water disaster, it is essential to act quickly to reduce the water damage. Time is critical when a pipe burst, water leak, or heavy rain causes water damage in your residence because water damage breeds mold growth and causes structural damage to the property. If you act quickly, you can minimize unnecessary damage to your property and possibly … Read More

A Checklist for the Fall to Prevent Any Disasters

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Water Damage Restoration by ServiceMaster Kwik Restore

As summer comes to an end and the chilly breeze starts to pick up, it’s important to not only get our wardrobe ready for the colder weather but, our home as well. ServiceMaster Kwik Restore is dedicated to making sure you have an easy transition from the fall to the winter, check out the tips below to make sure your … Read More

How to Prevent Water Damage at Home While You’re on Vacation

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ServiceMaster Kwik Restore Water Damage Restoration

There’s no worse time for water damage to occur than when you’re on vacation. After spending all your money and energy during your trip, there’s nothing that can be worse than coming home to a severely water-damaged house. Unfortunately, this disaster is common among many property owners. The Insurance Institute has actually reported this as the second most common claim … Read More

Safety Tips to Help You Prevent Summer Fires

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ServiceMaster Kwik Restore Fire Damage Restoration

Many people enjoy summer activities like camping, bonfires, fireworks, and cookouts. They’re a great way to get outside while spending time with friends and family. But unplanned accidents happen all the time, including fires that can leave severe burns and damaged property structures. The potential for fires to occur is easy to forget when enjoying outdoor events. But it’s extremely … Read More

Why Crime Scene Cleanup Needs to Get Done Quickly by Professionals

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Biohazard Cleanup by ServiceMaster Kwik Restore

A heinous crime reported by news journalists is viewed with distant objectivity. When a ghastly crime takes place too close to home, or worse, in your home, powerful feelings overwhelm those closest to the victim. A swift response is needed to compassionately deal with the aftermath of a vicious act. Public health safety concerns also make it critical that professionals … Read More

How to Prevent Storm Damage on Your Property

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ServiceMaster Kwik Restore Water Damage Restoration

When the spring season comes, we’re treated to sunshine, refreshing warmth, and the beautiful sights of nature. However, spring also means rain, storms, and the potential for tornadoes. With  such weather, there’s a chance that your home, business, or other property will suffer storm damage. Storms can feature strong winds that can force trees and other upright objects to be … Read More

5 Step Mold Remediation Process

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Mold growth found in walls

Mold is a type of fungi that is constantly present in the natural environment. The spores naturally exist in the air inside and outside of your home. In nature, mold plays a key role in decomposing debris and its spores are largely harmless. Indoors, however, mold can become a problem if its spores discover moisture and a food source. With … Read More