How to Help a Hoarder Clean House

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Hoarding Cleaning Services

Mountains of used, old and even never-out-of-the-box items are likely to accumulate behind the closed doors of an individual suffering from hoarding issues. Apart from extreme collecting, hoarding is a psychological issue, categorized as an obsessive-compulsive disorder. The hoarder is unable to throw out anything without experiencing severe anxiety. As a result, piles of newspaper, spanning decades, accumulate; rotten food … Read More

Fire Damage Insurance Claim Process and Tips

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There’s so much to do in the aftermath of a fire that it’s hard to know where to begin. It’s important to know what steps to take to prevent more damage, stress, and paperwork, as well as to save yourself money at this difficult time. Follow these suggestions to making navigating the fire insurance claim process smoother and more efficient. … Read More