Removing Fireplace Odors from Your Home

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Fire Damage Restoration by ServiceMaster by Kwik Restore

Who doesn’t like fireplaces? Other than having them cleaned and maintained, there’s nothing like sitting in front of one with a good book and a hot drink. It’s also an efficient way to keep your home warm, especially if the power might be out during a snowstorm. Yet there are downsides to fireplaces. Among them include the strong smoke and … Read More

5 Step Mold Remediation Process

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mold remediation with ServiceMaster by Kwik Restore

Mold is a type of fungi that is constantly present in the natural environment. The spores naturally exist in the air inside and outside of your home. In nature, mold plays a key role in decomposing debris and its spores are largely harmless. Indoors, however, mold can become a problem if its spores discover moisture and a food source. With … Read More