Finding Reliable Post Construction Cleaning Services for Commercial Buildings

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The construction site is a chaotic scene of haphazard wooden structural pieces, paint splatters, glass shards, scattered nails and sawdust. Nearly every inch of the commercial space is littered with debris. The jumble of dust and debris even makes its way into the surrounding outdoor area. The commercial building will open or reopen for business, just as soon as the … Read More

Hidden Mold: What to Do If I Can Smell Mold but Can’t Find It

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Mold, when it flourishes indoors, exudes an odor. Experts liken the smell of mold to a forest lush with earthy vegetation, soil and decaying wood. Others connect the scent of dirt lying beneath decayed leaves with the smell of mold. More homely descriptions suggest mold smells like wet, dirty socks. Flipping through an old, musty book also evokes, in some, … Read More

Causes for Sump Pump Failures and What to Do

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A sump pump installed in a basement of a home with a water powered backup system.

You don’t have to live anywhere near a body of water to experience a flooded basement. A heavy rainstorm and a sump pump that stops working at the wrong time can result in flooding in your home. Sump pump failure is a common problem for homeowners, but most people don’t realize it until it’s too late. Fortunately, most of the … Read More

Hard Floor Cleaning Guidelines for Commercial Building

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Flooring in commercial buildings receives heavy foot traffic throughout the day. Equipment may be accidentally dropped, and spills are a common occurrence. The pressure a commercial floor undergoes each day requires it to be extremely durable. Typical scenarios like these necessitate that a commercial floor be cleaned much differently than floors found in private residences. Why clean a commercial floor? … Read More

How to Effectively Clean Ceramic Tile

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How to Effectively Clean Ceramic Tile in Elgin, IL

Homes are popularly finished with ceramic tiles for their attractive look and easy-cleanup. Of all the flooring and wall options homeowners have, such as stone, marble, granite, porcelain or glass, ceramic tiles offer significant advantages, especially when it comes to maintenance. Ceramic tiles have a number of benefits. The durability found in using ceramic tile in floors or walls makes … Read More

How to Protect Your Property Against Spring Flood Damage

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How to Protect Your Property Against Spring Flood Damage

The promise of warm spring weather and brighter days brings with it the risks associated with spring thaws. Winter snow that melts in the spring has the potential to run off toward your home, causing significant flooding. In fact, it takes just a few inches of water to cause tens of thousands of dollars in structural damage. It is important … Read More

How to Help a Hoarder Clean House

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Hoarding Cleaning Services

Mountains of used, old and even never-out-of-the-box items are likely to accumulate behind the closed doors of an individual suffering from hoarding issues. Apart from extreme collecting, hoarding is a psychological issue, categorized as an obsessive-compulsive disorder. The hoarder is unable to throw out anything without experiencing severe anxiety. As a result, piles of newspaper, spanning decades, accumulate; rotten food … Read More

Fire Damage Insurance Claim Process and Tips

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There’s so much to do in the aftermath of a fire that it’s hard to know where to begin. It’s important to know what steps to take to prevent more damage, stress, and paperwork, as well as to save yourself money at this difficult time. Follow these suggestions to making navigating the fire insurance claim process smoother and more efficient. … Read More

Prevention and Repair Tips for Frozen Pipes

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Frozen pipes are more than an annoying inconvenience; they’re a headache at the worst time of year. Unprotected pipes freeze when temperatures drop below 32 degrees, due to a combination of exposure, wind chill, and the duration of the cold temperatures. When the temperatures around pipes get too low, the water inside freezes and the ice expands, leading to burst … Read More

Get Ready for Winter with Professional Air Ducts Cleaning

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Air ducts stream cool or heated air throughout your home, operating via the home’s HVAC system. A home can contain an entire system of ducts that wind complicated paths throughout the structure to keep it warm in icy temps and cool when the summer sun hammers down. Over time, the air ducts naturally gather dust, pet hair, pollen, dander and … Read More