When mold begins to grow within buildings, it can quickly spread to cause a number of troubling issues. Porous building materials can be damaged, and precious personal belongings can be lost.

At ServiceMaster Kwik Restore, we offer mold remediation services to prevent these situations. We utilize advanced mold detection equipment and treatment procedures to locate and eliminate mold growth at its source.

We will even restore affected surfaces, materials, and belongings. We currently offer these services to property owners in Kenosha, WI.

Complications of Mold Growth

Mold Remediation for Kenosha, WIThere are three primary concerns when it comes to mold growth: The likelihood of it spreading, property damage, and negative health effects:

  • The Likelihood of Mold Spreading: Mold can grow in a number of diverse environments because of its versatility. All it needs in order to grow is excess moisture and an organic food source. Once it takes hold in one location, it will continue to release its spores and spread to others.
  • Property Damage: Porous building materials (such as wood and drywall) are particularly susceptible to mold damage. This is because they contain cellulose, which is a natural food of mold. Other materials and belongings can be adversely affected, as well.
  • Negative Health Effects: Exposure to mold can lead to severe health effects for certain individuals. It can trigger allergic reactions, asthma attacks, respiratory infections, and other troubling health concerns.

Mold Removal Services

At ServiceMaster Kwik Restore, we implement state-of-the-art equipment and time-tested procedures for removing mold. We work with a specialized testing agency to locate all instances of mold growth and develop a plan to treat these areas.

Before we begin this process, we first contain the mold in order to prevent it from spreading while we remove it.

Once this is done, we remove the mold, treat affected areas with antimicrobial cleaning solutions, and restore affected materials. For a complete outline of what to expect from our services, please see below:

  • Advanced testing procedures to find all cases of mold growth
  • The creation of a detailed report outlining our findings (we will send this to your insurance provider)
  • Containment of the mold
  • The development and implementation of a full mold remediation plan
  • Restoration of damaged materials, surfaces, and belongings

Mold is often underestimated until it is too late. If you notice mold growing on your property, we encourage you to contact us right away.

By removing the mold swiftly, your building and belongings will stand a better chance of avoiding permanent damage. Through our services, we will treat mold, and prevent it from returning in the future.

We are happy to address your questions or concerns, and are proud to service property owners in Kenosha, WI.

To leverage our mold remediation services and expertise, contact our ServiceMaster Kwik Restore representatives at (888) 504-6053

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